The Gift of Blanket Fort

March 23, 2015

Giving to others creates such a phenomenal feeling, that I sometimes feel like I might burst before the present is ever delivered.

Imagine my glee when our dear friends suggested surprising Tyler with a blanket fort for his birthday. My brother jumped in to offer his entire living room as the secret destination. The one, two punch that is the gift of blanket fort, plus the element of surprise is a guaranteed knockout present.


We are a little out of focus, but you can clearly see the joy.



A shelter of sheets is the coziest setting for conversation. Ethereal light filtering through translucent fabric walls, sprinkled with xmas light polkadots is my idea of heaven. Sipping wine while lounging on pillows is more fun than sipping wine not lounging on pillows.


You can give this gift to anyone! You mastered the skill of making houses out of cardboard boxes/couch cushions/blankets shortly after you learned to crawl! You are ready for this.

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

― that’s my homegirl, Mother Teresa, expressing perfectly what my heart wants to ramble on about. Giving with love is the best way I can think of to float into a state of gratitude and creativity and possibility. When the weight of adulthood feels overwhelming, offer someone else an experience – direct from your heart to theirs – that you know they will love. You’ll find your overwhelm disappear and give way to an energy that slays your inner dragons, points you in the direction of goodness in our world, sprouts seedlings of gratitude and ignites exciting new ideas. It is pure magic.


Thank you to Julie and Sean for the brilliant idea, and for the stealthy set-up, and to Steven for generously lending his home, and for tying perfect knots. Thank you to everyone reading this, for your limitless potential to give, and for entertaining the idea that the world needs more blanket forts.


Virtual hugs and cuddles for all.


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